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What to do in Hvar at Night (for those not into the party scene)

As someone who lives part time in Croatia, there are many days I feel very fortunate. The whole country is beautiful, but I don’t use the word “magical” very often.

Magical is the word I would use to describe Hvar, especially in the evening.. at night, and for some, well into the wee hours.

A Magical Evening in Hvar

Whether you have come to Hvar to party or share a quiet romantic evening with your partner… or, like me, a solo traveller who isn’t really into the party scene.. there’s something here for everyone.

I have to admit I’m not much into the party scene and avoid the ultra trendy bars that play a certain type of repetitive electronic music. It’s not that I’m too old to enjoy it, (I still love metal concerts) it’s more about my personality.

The  vibe of some of the cafes and nightclubs quickly get on my nerves, so I’ll let someone else experience and write about those types of places.

While others may be hanging out at the ultra trendy cafes, I prefer to explore a bookshop right in the center of the grad, followed by finding a place to read my new treasure in one of the restaurants that has a view of the sea.

You can ask Luki for some advice on quiet places to watch the sun set and enjoy a Gemišt, which consists of half white wine (bjelo vino) and half sparkling water. (usually Jamnica)

I may watch the sun set from here, or take a walk along the waterfront.

If you are a photographer, you can capture some truly magnificent photos and videos during sunset and twilight in Hvar.

As night falls, I like to take a walk and watch the boats, which I never get tired of.

At this time, I’ll be considering a light dinner and probably another glass of wine.

I don’t have a specific place to recommend for dining in Hvar.

My technique for enjoying Hvar to its fullest isn’t about planning, but to “get lost” and find a place that just feels right, in the moment.

I’m also a budget traveller/permanent nomad who prefers to shop at the local market and prepare food at home on most days. (I’ve been experimenting with some light Croatian soups and healthy dishes.)

I DO however, recommend certain Dalmatian specialties and wines:

• Crni Rižot, or “black rice” served with seafood
• Pizza. In Dalmatia, it’s a treat.
• Posip or Babic wines. Hvar also has a very good winery
• Sladoled! Ice cream is cheap and plentiful in Croatia.. including Hvar!

Sunsets, magical cities, and world-renowned cuisine aside, Hvar is a heavenly place for ALL the senses.

Sounds:  Music is also around every corner. I’ve heard everything from 80’s to metal to traditional Klapa to popular Croatian songs as I’ve wandered the old city, Like clockwork, you will also hear the sound of church bells.

Another one of my favorite sounds is the sound of people speaking Croatian, which has always sounded like music to my ears. How much you hear depends on the season. During the summer, expect to hear ALL languages spoken, as a symphony of languages.

Smells: I have always said that Hvar smells like lavender, Croatian BBQ, and sea air, with a dash of sunscreen and boat fuel. It has one of the most pleasant smells I’ve ever experienced.

You can purchase the island’s world famous lavender as you stroll along the waterfront as you enjoy the fresh sea air.

Tactile: You have not lived until you have swam in the Adriatic sea. The water is crystal clear with the perfect temperature from June through September.  Many swear, including myself, that it has medicinal properties due to its mineral content.

Lying on the beach and reading that new book you bought, till you fall asleep.. or feeling a cool breeze as you sail on the sea..

This is just a small sampling of what Hvar has to offer the senses.

Indeed, I felt refreshed, and sad to leave the island to head inland to Mostar.